Known from the series “Friends”: US actor Mike Hagerty is dead

Known from the series “Friends”
US actor Mike Hagerty is dead

In the 80’s and 90’s Mike Hagerty acted in numerous sitcoms. He is best known for his supporting role in the hit series “Friends”. The actor has died at the age of 67.

US actor Mike Hagerty has passed away. This was announced by his colleague Bridget Everett on Instagram. Hagerty played the actress’ father in the series “Somebody Somewhere”. Hagerty was 67 years old.

“I loved Mike the moment I met him,” Everett wrote of several photos together. “He was so special.” The deceased was warm and funny. “We are devastated that he left us,” she continues. All of the cast and crew on the show would have adored Hagerty. Our thoughts are with the actor’s wife and family.

The US broadcaster HBO also commented on the death of the actor. “Mike was a pleasure to work with and he brought warmth and kindness to all who knew him. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Hagerty was particularly known for numerous minor roles on sitcoms. He embodied the caretaker Mr. Treeger in “Friends”, but could also be seen in “Seinfeld”, “Cheers” or “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. The actor has also appeared in a number of films since the 1980s – including classics such as “Overboard”, “Wayne’s World” and “Inspector Gadget”. His mustache and heavy Chicago accent were his trademarks.

Friends series colleague Michel Tyler died last October of prostate cancer at the age of 59. Tyler played waiter Gunther in the hit series. Tyler made his cancer public last summer. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September 2018, which had also spread to his bones, he told the US broadcaster NBC at the time.