Koh-Lanta 2022: adventurers meet for a crazy weekend

It’s the party for the adventurers of Koh-Lanta: The Cursed Totem. While the show delights fans on TF1, some candidates have long since put aside the tensions of the game to meet up for a weekend.

This is THE unmissable Tuesday evening event on TF1: Koh Lanta. After its All-Stars edition which was marred by multiple cheating scandals, the chain bet on a more normal season with new adventurers. Title The Cursed Totemthe show presented by Denis Brogniart keeps its fans spellbound week after week. During the last episode, they had the right to sacred emotions. After Colin’s surprise departure, it was Pauline’s turn to leave the adventure after an eliminatory round.

The young woman was not the only one to leave the show since a few minutes later, it was Yannick’s turn to see his torch extinguished during the council. An elimination which was made after many reversals of situation, strategies and rivalries. And if war seems to be declared between the adventurers and particularly between the ex-reds and the ex-yellows, several of them have put tensions aside since the end of their adventure in Palawan. Proof is, some of them ended up in the south of France for a sunny weekend.

We only have one life

Colin, Olga, Maxime, Pauline, Bastien, Alexandra, Jean-Charles, Fouzi, Yannick, Louana, Anne-Sophie, François and Ambre met in Palavas-les-Flots in a large villa with swimming pool where they are amused like crazy. “What a pleasure to be all together after this incredible adventure that is Koh LantaWe only have one life so no matter the obligations, we made sure to be almost all together“, even wrote Alexandra, eliminated by shooting a black ball, on her Instagram account where she shared a photo of the whole band.

We had a fun weekend… unforgettable moments after all the galleys crossed… galleys that still remain the cement of our relationships“. Unforgettable moments as demonstrated by their various stories on Instagram where they dance in the living room, jump in the swimming pool, relax or enjoy a huge buffet that they would have liked to have during their adventure. Like what the difficulties bring closer.

Fouzi de la Fuente

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