Koh-Lanta 2022: Denis Brogniart teases Jean-Charles after a test, internet users are hilarious

Tuesday May 10, the adventurers of Koh-Lanta: The cursed totem competed in an immunity test. An extremely complicated obstacle course for Jean-Charles, dropped by his competitors. What did not escape Denis Brogniart, who amused Internet users a lot.

Complicated evening for Jean Charles on Cursed Totem Island. The adventurer of the reunited tribe began his evening with a sideline on the comfort test : Nicolas and François formed their teams, but neither of them chose the poor candidate, forced to return to the camp alone while his comrades competed in archery. It is finally the team of François, Louana, Ambre, Fouzi and bastien who imposed herself, offering herself a good meal and above all a phone call to their loved ones. The latter moved the viewers by calling his ex-girlfriend, who had encouraged him to register for the adventure game. For his part, poor Jean-Charles was not at the end of his troubles.

“Denis Brogniart no longer respects anyone”

The next test was this time for immunity at the next council. An obstacle course of a very high level which put a strain on the physique of the candidates involved… which is already not the strong point of the fustier, who lives in a caravan in the middle of nature. From the first obstacles, Jean-Charles found himself completely dropped by his opponents, finishing well after everyone else. On arrival, Denis Brogniart released a short sentence that greatly amused Internet users: “Jean-Charles, don’t take any risks” teased the host raising his arms to the sky, asking him not to cross the last obstacles since the race was already lost. The candidate did not seem offended, even displaying a big smile despite the exhaustion. “Denis Brogniart no longer respects anyone”; “Denis, what audacity“; “Already on the ground and at the bottom of the bucket, Jean-Charles takes a ‘don’t take any risks’ from Denis” in particular, reacted to Internet users on Twitter, hilarious at the attitude of the host. Despite this inglorious moment, Jean-Charles can be reassured knowing that he will have (at least) one more week to prove his true worth on the show.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/koh-lanta-2022-denis-brogniart-taquine-jean-charles-apres-une-epreuve-les-internautes-sont-hilares-729048