Koh-Lanta 2022: Stéphanie eliminated, an injured person leaves the camp, Yannick shocked and disappointed

What changes in Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem ! The twenty-four adventurers were divided into three teams. Then, now there are only nineteen – after the eliminations of Céline, Lili, Mattéo, Samira then Benjamin as well as the abandonment of Franck – divided into two teams, the red Cadlao of Louana and the yellow Matingi of Anne -Sophie. This Tuesday March 22, 2022, TF1 is broadcasting the fifth episode of the survival game, still presented by Denis Brogniart.

comfort game

Both teams must, on their side, build a raft and a canoe. The yellows are lucky to have Bastien, rope access technician, and Colin, who also knows his stuff. The reds rely on Geraldine’s knots.

After the constructions, on the camp of the reds, something is wrong… Jean-Philippe’s feet swelled, even doubled in size!Is it the heat? A puncture ? I do not knowhe says. I can’t even bend my toes anymore, they have swelled up considerably.

Before starting the event, Denis Brogniart reveals the reward: a fishing kit as well as a tray filled with fish, mackerel, for the whole team! Besides, the losers will face a curse in the next immunity test. Place for the draw. Among the reds, Fouzi does not play. Among the yellows, Stephanie does not play.

From now on, place to the game of comfort. The two tribes start from diametrically opposite points on a circular circuit. Their goal ? catch up with the rival team. A test that is done in two stages: first with the canoe then with the raft.

The yellows make a mistake and go the wrong way. The first round is won, without much effort, by the reds! The second part of the game is on, and this time it’s the yellows who take the lead… and end up winning! The two teams are tied, so it’s on to the final. The yellows, guided by Bastien, are more effective. The victory is therefore for the yellows!

Back on their camp, the winners taste their fish, Setha and Stéphanie try spearfishing. Among the reds, Jean-Philippe’s feet are worrying. The doctor is called and the adventurer leaves with him to go to the clinic to do some tests.. In the meantime, the reds try to find something to eat, without success. So they embark on a new game: the bottom of the pan has a mirror effect, they then uncover each other and are surprised !

Immunity test

Before announcing the rules of the game, Denis Brogniart explains that Jean-Philippe is still not back. Place in the draw for yellow women. It is Stéphanie, very angry, who is exempt from gambling.

The object of the game is to form a fresco with six strips of fabric. But first, they have to get the strips of fabric placed inside a trap located at sea. The teams are divided into three groups: three swimmers who must attach the platform, three other people to bring the platform back using the rope then two other adventurers who will take care of the frescoes.

The reds have lost the comfort game and then have a 20 second penalty. Despite their delay, they catch up. And while the games are tight between the two teams during the composition of the fresco, the reds winning the event !

Back on their camp, the yellow think about the council to come. Stephanie feels in danger and looks for the necklace. Another adventurer in danger: Setha. She bluffed her purple comrades early in the game into thinking she has a necklace. Some want to push her to take out this imaginary necklace… Finally, Alexandra is also in danger. Yannick, Stéphanie, Nicolas, Setha and Anne-Sophie plan to eliminate her before breaking the alliance she forms with the old blues. We must not forget that Yannick has two cursed bracelets on his wrist and therefore two votes against him on the board.


The yellows find themselves in front of Denis Brogniart. Before voting, they discuss their defeat. This is an opportunity for Olga to reveal that she does not want to take the lead in the tests for fear of Yannick’s reactions. He said he was very surprised and even touched. “It’s very violent what you say, I don’t think you realize it“, he says to his comrade. For her part, Stéphanie regrets that the ex-blues are so united, unlike the ex-violets and ex-greens who have merged into the team.

No one comes out of the immunity collar, it’s time for counting. Olga, Alexandra and Setha all have one vote against her. Yannick has three and Stephanie has five, so she is eliminated.

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