Koh-Lanta: A candidate returning to France with hepatitis A, “it was complicated …” (EXCLUDED)

She was one of five finalists in Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem. Finally, Ambre was eliminated during the orienteering race, broadcast on Tuesday June 14, 2022 on TF1, and will not compete in the mythical pole test. In interview for Purepeople.com, she recounts her adventure. The elimination of her comrade Louana, her explanation not broadcast with Jean-Charles, her lip which has doubled in volume or her return home with hepatitis A, Ambre gives herself up.

How did you feel when Bastien found the dagger?

The first feeling that crosses me is relief. Because I just wanted it to stop, I couldn’t take it anymore. It doesn’t matter if it’s him or me who finds this dagger. Afterwards, I obviously felt disappointed. It ended for me… But despite the disappointment, I took it with a lot of hindsight because I found myself in my place in this ordeal. There were 5 of us, there were 4 daggers, the adventurers in front of me had all found at least one beacon, I didn’t. I accept defeat because that’s how it is, you can’t change anything about it.

You seem tempted to follow Jean-Charles, then François… Why didn’t you do it?

Quite simply because in life, to shine, you don’t have to crush others. And frankly, even if it’s not always shown, I tried throughout the adventure, whether in eliminations, game evolutions or otherwise, to move forward with this philosophy. No matter who I have in front of me, the rules are clear: find the beacon then the dagger. It was out of the question to find the dagger under the nose of someone who had taken the step to find the beacon.

You have tears in your eyes talking about your grandfather. What relationship do you two have?

He is one of the great men in my life. I didn’t have a dad very present in my life, but on the other hand I am lucky to have two grandfathers and a godfather who are serious about the road. In particular one of my grandfathers, Patrick, with whom I have a very special relationship because we are both riders. I have shared exceptional moments with him since my youngest age. This relationship is just proof that you don’t need to have the same blood flowing in your veins to have a lot of love for each other. He’s one of the people I thought about a lot during the adventure.

How did he react when he found out about your background?

He keeps telling me:Ambrounette, I didn’t need that to be proud of you. But know that I’m still proud of you!

During the previous episode, your lip doubled in size. What happened ?

Nobody really has the end of the story. I think I got bitten by a spider. It was an anaphylactic shock on my lip. But more fear than harm in the end. It deflated on its own, my lip returned to normal. In the early morning it was still a bit swollen. I said to myself: “Come on, another little problem before the immunity test!” In the end, in front of Denis Brogniart, I have a completely normal lip. The pain is another story: it went away and then came back. During the ordeal, I have a head… I’m scarlet red! And at this moment, it throws me really in the lower part of the face. I think the heat and the sun on my lip didn’t help.

Earlier also, you made the difficult choice to designate Jean-Charles to face Olga and Fouzi in the elimination round. Your justification did not convince the principal concerned, nor certain televiewers. What do you think ?

If everyone knew the ins and outs of this discussion, the message would have been much clearer. Because at this moment, it’s been more than 10 days that Jean-Charles has been pondering us on the camp, telling us that he no longer wants to go to the council, that he wants eliminatory tests without any strategy or affinity that can enter into account. It was therefore for me the most logical choice, at his request. Afterwards, I understand his disappointment: between wanting something and being sent there by someone, it’s not the same. I was very surprised that he didn’t understand my choice. Besides, in the end, I don’t even want to justify myself, it was so logical for me, without any thought.

What do you get from your discussion with him?

I don’t understand why he didn’t understand. The sequence where we explain ourselves is not very complete. I told him clearly that he was inflated to act surprised. He was actually not surprised at my choice, but surprised that I sent him. It’s more a question of self-esteem and ego. Then he told me that I put him in the game. He can’t blame me for something he asked for. At the council meeting that evening and even afterwards, he did not vote against me, proof that our discussion went well.

On social networks, you are described as “traitor”, “scam”, “hypocrite”… How do you take it?

I think people don’t watch the same episodes we do. If I was such a big scam, I wouldn’t have made it to the orientation. And maybe my name would come out on the board at some point. It’s a bit of a reflection that in the camp things are going well with everyone. I decided not to look at this kind of messages. As soon as I can, I delete. I have so many people who come to see me in the street with benevolence and kindness that it finally passes over me.

What do you think of the attacks after the elimination of Louana?

The criticisms are justified. I eliminated Louana, the people who support her are disappointed, it’s a fact. I lied to him straight in the eye, and I say it in front of the camera, it cost me and it was complicated. Afterwards, I remember that it was a strategy. If I had told her that I was voting against her, that would have been an announcement. The choice was clear and absolutely not concealed behind Maxime. It was out of the question to vote against Fouzi and Géraldine, we voted by affinity. It was Maxime and Louana at the bottom of the pyramid, so there was no dilemma. And even if François and I had voted differently, the duo would still have come out. We had cast our votes.

What was the hardest for you?

The humidity! It was horrible, I felt like it was done on purpose. It was hell. My clothes have mold on my legs, we are always wrinkled. There is no healing wound. Being wet all the time hits the system. And then we couldn’t sleep because it was raining on the cabin.

How was the return to reality?

Very very good (laughs)! I was very happy to find my bed. I came back during the tartiflette and raclette season so I was overjoyed. I always talk about food and cheese, that was my leitmotif on Koh Lanta. On the other hand, I came back with hepatitis A, it was a bit complicated. It can’t be cured, it goes away on its own. But I am a little boosted based on food supplements and other supplements of everything! You always end up getting over it, but it’s true that physically you realize the impact of the game when you come back to real life. I lost my hair, I had hepatitis A, fatigue… It’s not insignificant what we do to our body. But everything ends up coming back and today I’m doing very well.

Who do you think could win Koh Lanta ?

Quite honestly, the four finalists deserve to win. If they’ve come this far, they’ve already won. And then, it’s the reflection of our season: all the colors are represented on the posts.

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