Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem: Colin eliminated, Louana “embarrassed” and Olga in tears!

In Koh-Lanta, The Cursed Totem, it’s already reunification. While ex-yellows and ex-reds now find themselves in a single white tribe on the reunited camp, Louana and Colin get down to the heavy task of ambassadors. Impossible for the young sportsman to go to the black ball and risk his adventure, he therefore decides to eliminate Setha. But in return, he makes Louana promise that Olga and he would not be eliminated for at least four councils…

Immunity test

Setha has left the camp. And this is the moment that Louana chooses to explain to her former red comrades the deal made with Colin. A strategy that is not to everyone’s taste. Indeed, Amber finds the duo “a bit greedy“, but accepts. Another question arises, that of the council. Pauline has a cursed bracelet and therefore already a vote against her. The reds want to make sure that Colin and Olga do not vote against her. But Louane doubts: Colin has already betrayed the yellows and is in a delicate situation…

Place in the immunity test. And it will take patience to win! Adventurers must stand in the position of the koala on a bamboo planted in the sand, placing their feet on a rope wrapped around the wood.

François is the first to fall, he is followed by Fouzi then Jean-Charles. At this time, Denis Brogniart announces that adventurers must now place their feet on the lower cord, which is lower and thinner. Yannick lets go, as do Pauline, Maxime, Nicolas, Géraldine, Anne-Sophie, Ambre and Olga. Colin, Bastien and Louana are still in the running. Colin falls. The final duel is played between Louana and Bastien. And it’s finally Louana who wins the game!

If she is guaranteed to be untouchable during the council, the rest of the adventurers cannot say the same. Yannick, who has two cursed bracelets, and Pauline, who also has one, are in danger. And they are not the only ones: some ex-reds see this as an opportunity to eliminate Maxime, who has annoyed a lot in the past. But the former yellow Nicolas is playing a double game and reveals the plan to François and the other ex-red boys. A strategy is mentioned, that of voting against Colin in order to save Maxime. “I have a grudge against Colin, if I can bring him down I will“, launches Nicolas in front of the camera.


They are still 14 Robinson apprentices in the running. After this advice, they will only be 13. But which one will leave the adventure? Yannick, Pauline, Maxime and Colin are potentially in danger. Only Louana is certain to return to the camp…

First, Denis Brogniart reminds us that this is the last council where the cursed bracelets exist. Everyone votes and when it’s time to find out if someone wants to take out an immunity necklace, François and Nicolas come forward. They will therefore be untouchable tonight. Yannick obtains 3 votes, Pauline 1, Colin 7 and Maxime 6. It is therefore Colin who is eliminated. Olga bursts into tears.

I feel like it’s unreal“, launches the adventurer. After discovering who had voted against him (a majority of former reds, except Louana), he awaits an explanation. Louana, “embarrassed“, apologizes and François indicates that he cannot trust Colin who had given his word to Setha and then betrayed her. The eliminated is disappointed and regrets that Louana lied to him.

Colin leaves the adventure and gives his black vote to Olga.

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