Koh-Lanta viewers overjoyed to see Jean-Philippe, the most hated candidate, victim of a mysterious injury and almost forced to abandon this 2022 edition of the Totem Maudit

“That worries me a little bit. I really wouldn’t want to be ousted from the adventure”. In “Koh-Lanta” Tuesday March 22, it was the surprise: Jean-Philippe has swollen feet. Without the official reason being given, it will not be until the end of the show. After contacting the doctors, he was declared fit to take part in the comfort test. But while he inherited the cursed Totem, his feet do not deflate and he must again call on the doctors, who this time want to be quite pessimistic, promising him to do everything to keep him in the game but not to the detriment of his health: “It can be an origin that is annoying for your health. That’s why we’re going to the clinic to do some tests, and depending on that we can discuss. Jean-Philippe therefore went to the hospital for tests and did not return. Will he be back on “Koh-Lanta” in two weeks (there is no show on Tuesday March 29 due to the French football team match)? Obviously, few viewers of TF1 wish.

From the first images of Jean-Philippe with swollen feet, those watching “Koh-Lanta” jumped for joy. Finally, jumped on their keyboard specifically in order to share their happiness. Why is that ? Because Jean-Philippe is not the viewers’ favorite candidate, far from it. He is even hated. From the first broadcasts of “Koh-Lanta” of this 2022 edition, his behavior had annoyed, his propensity to be satisfied with him in particular. Many criticized him for having a big head, for talking about it. And seeing him with mysterious swollen feet is pretty sweet for them. As if fate was doing its thing. Even the very friendly French Federation of Lose shared a tweet: “Is anyone surprised to see Jean-Philippe’s ankles swelling?”. Very quickly, Jean-Philippe found himself trending on Twitter and stayed there until the end of the show. In 15 days, on Tuesday April 5, he may be back in the adventure and will be, whatever happens, the main subject of discussion among “Koh-Lanta” fans.

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