Koh-Lanta: what becomes of Maxine, Secret Weapons candidate and last winner of the adventure?

In 2021, Maxine won the adventure Koh-Lanta, The secret weapons, after several weeks of survival. Whereas Koh-Lanta, The cursed totemis coming to an end, what becomes of the young woman, the last winner of the program?

It is an emblematic test of Koh Lanta. The one that allows you to have a place for the posts and hope to touch victory with your fingers. This Tuesday, June 14, Bastien, Ambre, François, Géraldine and Jean-Charles de Koh-Lanta, The cursed totem, will compete in the dreaded orientation test. Who will be able to find the dagger the fastest? Who on the contrary will struggle like Dorian in The 4 Lands ? Which adventurer will manage to afford a place on the posts? In 2021, in The Secret WeaponsMaxine, Lucie and Jonathan had been the three candidates to qualify for the mythical test of the posts, after several hours of wandering in the jungle in search of the daggers.

And it was Maxine who won the coveted check for 100,000 euros. A happy victory that the young woman had celebrated with Here is.fr. “JI’m going on a trip with my family. I would like to go with my parents and my brother a little far from here. I was thinking of Costa Rica because it’s a destination they’ve been talking to me about for a while. I would also like to invest some of the money in an apartment. I’ve had this project for a long time to have something of my own and to take my independence to leave my parents alone. And I would also like to realize my personal projects like create programs with athletes“, she told us, full of dreams.

Maxine, still friends with Laure

A year after his victory in Koh-Lanta, The secret weaponswhat becomes Maxine ? It only takes a quick look at her Instagram account to discover that she is still a sports journalist. And of course, Maxine is still as much friends with Laure, her ally in the adventure. “There are friends. There is the family. And there are friends who become family. They will recognize. A quick note to this girl I met between two coconuts a year and a half ago. Always hard to leave, but a joy every time to find you. I’m already looking forward to the next weekend. The world is Ours and we haven’t finished doing the 400 blows”, wrote the girlfriend of Benjamin Bonzi. Besides, Maxine and the tennis player are still in a relationship! A few days ago, the young woman even celebrated their three years of love on Instagram. Always sporty, Maxine has been swimming in happiness since her victory at Koh Lanta !

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/koh-lanta-que-devient-maxine-candidate-des-armes-secretes-et-derniere-gagnante-de-laventure-731495