Korea and the original Paper House

The success of the series La Casa de Papel made Korea acquire the rights to adapt it to that country. And clearly, since these are such different contexts, the disparities between the two formats are also notable.

Park Hae-soo, one of the protagonists of the new version, told Discussing Film that the main issue on which the public would see the change is that the history of Korea shows a divided nation (North and South) and that does not happen with Spain. Therefore, this pointIt’s going to be something that you particularly want to keep in mind as you watch it,” the artist stated before the production was published.

The language is another notorious difference between the series broadcast on Netflix and that has forced the writers to change dialogues and words, so that they are understood by viewers.

In relation to the band, the European format has four women, while the Asian has only one in its team.

Despite these three aspects, in Korea they had to respect the costumes of the thieves (the typical red Overall) and the masks they wear so as not to be recognized when they have contact with the outside world. Around the world this outfit became very popular and apparently, it was a strategy of the creators to make it precisely adaptable to anyone who wants to wear it.