Kourtney Kardashian breaks engagement ring valued at $1 million

Kourtney Kardashian breaks engagement ring valued at $1 million. The older sister of the Kardashian clan suffered a panic attack after realizing that she stepped on and broke the engagement ring, which a few months ago it was given to her by her partner Travis Barker.

In the latest chapter of reality show The Kardashians which airs on Hulu, shows how the socialite’s mother, Kris Jenner realizes something is missing from Kourtney’s handso he asks what happened to the large diamond designed by Lorraine Schwartz.

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43-year-old Kourtney had to come clean and tell him what had happened: “The truth is that they are fixing it”, because while she was sitting on the floor fixing clothes, she decided to take off the ring believing that it would be the safest thing to do. But she suddenly forgot that she had left it on the floor.

The businesswoman says that “I had to get something upstairs in my closet, and when I went downstairs, I stepped on the ring. I was crying hysterically in my closet for hours, and then I called Travis. I thought, “I did something very, very bad.” The jewel is valued at one million dollars.


During the episode, Kris Jenner does not hide her face of astonishment after learning of the unfortunate fact; In response, her daughter acknowledges her mistake: “Probably one of the worst things I’ve ever done.”

However, not everything was so bad because according to the Kardashian her partner Travis Barker, drummer for Blink 182, reportedly handled it better than she did; then Kourtney says that at the time she was in the middle of a panic attack for ruining her engagement ring.

“I was like, this is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever had in my lifeAnd how could I have done that?” Said the socialite. However, the chapter was recorded shortly after the musician made the romantic proposal in October 2021, in California.

For the fortune of the Kardashian and Barker the ring could be fixed and now Kourtney uses it without setbacks, although she surely takes more care of it. In addition to being an extremely expensive piece of jewelry, it is more valuable to the businesswoman because the 46-year-old musician worked closely with jewelry designer Schwartz to design the engagement ring.

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