Kris Jenner admits she forgot she had a huge apartment in Beverly Hills

The businesswoman admitted on an episode of The Kardashianswhich aired Thursday, September 22, for omitting the acquisition of this California property.

Christmas presents and bottles of champagne: these are the treasures that dot Kris Jenner’s apartment in Beverly Hills. Only downside, the businesswoman revealed in an episode of season 2 of The Kardashiansbroadcast on Thursday, September 22, which she simply had forgot the existence of this property. The one who has a fortune estimated at 170 million dollars (174 million euros) said that she acquired this property to be closer to her mother Mary Jo Campbell and her cousin Cici Bussey. A purchase that he would, in the meantime, “out of his head”.

On video, Beautiful Person: Kris Jenner

“It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?”

“I kind of forgot he was there, she said, hilarious, facing the camera. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? She then offered viewers a televised tour of the home. All this under the incredulous gaze of her daughter Khloé Kardashian, appalled that her mother could omit such good. “It’s a very cute little place,” Kris Jenner told her, calling the property a “gift-wrapping station” and “Santa’s workshop.”

Five properties

An episode that shocked Internet users to say the least, the average price of an apartment in Beverly Hills amounting to 1.5 million dollars (1.5 million euros). “Kris Jenner forgot she had an apartment?! so wrote @loltayy. I too want to be that rich.” And @eisforelizabeth to outbid: “It’s so ridiculous it’s awesome.”

A sequence that was not to the liking of all Internet users. “You are laughing at me ?? wrote one of them. Got an apartment in Beverly Hills just to wrap presents? It is pathetic.” Journalist @TheNolaChick wrote, “Yeah, that’s ridiculous, considering a lot of people are struggling to pay for their groceries.”

There is, however, a residence that Kris Jenner is not likely to forget: his residence at 20 million dollars (20 million euros), located in Hidden Hill, next to the house of his daughter Khloé. Time will tell if she remembers her other four properties, including three apartments in Calabasas and a 9 million pound (9 million euros) mansion, located in La Quinta.