Kristal Silva shares what is the best routine for her firmness

The famous and talented TV hostKristal Silva, has shared many interesting pieces of content in her Instagram stories, however, this time she wanted to focus on how to maintain her figure firmly, specifically sharing the routine she uses.

This popular young She has shared the routines with me and among them we have the squats with weights, holding some weights above her head and lowering them repeatedly, but she not only works on that, but she seeks to make it something more complete.

Of course she shows us some of her best movements, but she was always based on the recommendations of the instructors, there are ways to perform the exercises correctly, so it is recommended that someone accompany you to check if you do it correctly. good way, so that later you can check yourself in the mirror.

This is how the famous shows that she has excellent discipline, publishing the excellent results that she has had so much effort in the gym in some stunning photographs where he never stops showing off.

Netizens are delighted to see how she works out, always looking beautiful even in her sports outfit.

Kristal Silva / Instagram

Kristal Silva shared her routines and of course the excellent results.

That’s right, how Kristal Silva once again surprised her audience, a young woman who, thanks to her charisma, has managed to develop and become one of the most sought after on the Mexican TV screen, a true personality.

In addition, we know that the host recently announced a new project in her career, the attempt to enter the music industry, a song that she released in collaboration by releasing a song with Pablo Monsar and the theme song is called “Como lo hayo yo”, joining forces with this artist who is considered a promise at the national level, so in the future we may hear more about him.

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