Kristal Silva shows off her exercises for a firm peach

The TV Azteca host is one of the most talented and beautiful women on Mexican television, who today decided to share some exercises from her routine that focus on having a firm peach. This woman is a queen, we already know how she maintains that great body.

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Kristal Silva She is one of the most coveted public figures on Mexican television, which she shares with all her followers not only beautiful outfits, since today she published two powerful exercises that are part of her Saturday routine for a firm peach.

For the first exercise it is necessary to use two dumbbells, which you are going to take with your hands and go up over your head with your arms stretched out, later when you go down, do a squat and lower your arms at the same time, they should be bent in front of your breasts.

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The second exercise was more intense, as this one starts with a light pushup that continues and ends in a squat, and so on, this exercise It is fantastic to work the legs, the peach, the abdomen and also the arms a little, which are the impulse.

After a relaxing and intense exercise, Kristal Silva A few hours later, she shared a super comfortable outfit that made her look super beautiful, as she wore a corset-type strapless royal blue blouse, which she combined with black pants and black heels.

In addition, the driver revealed that her favorite hair and makeup style is straight hair with waves at the ends and neutral makeup with red or orange lips. She also always goes for simplicity, plus she has porcelain skin that doesn’t need makeup.

After sharing these little secrets, he ended up craving us all, since he shared a plate with roast meat, my mouth watered just imagining how delicious that food was. To enjoy this Saturday of rest the people who have it.

So far, these are the only news that the host has shared on her social networks, although we will keep an eye on any news that arises in the coming days, since this week filled us with successful surprises for her artistic career.

Kristal Silva has just released her first single entitled, “Como lo hayo yo”, which is already a success and very soon she will have the official video in which we can see her wasting talent and beauty, in good time for the opportunities that they are coming