Kurt Zouma accused of abusing his cat: the footballer pleads guilty!

It’s a story that made a lot of noise and that continuesKurt Zouma for several months now. At the beginning of February, the 27-year-old footballer, who plays for West Ham in England, is filmed by his brother while he is at home. We see the player who has 11 selections with Didier Deschamps’ team being particularly virulent against one of his cats and the images will scandalize public opinion. Social networks are unleashed and the player becomes a real pariah across the Channel.

Kurt Zouma’s two cats were placed in the SPA after being taken from him and the player faced a record fine from his club. An investigation has even been carried out by the English justice system and Alphonse Areola’s teammate has just appeared today before the Thames Magistrates court in east London. Accused of mistreating his cat, the defender decided to plead guilty. He therefore recognizes that he acted badly towards his cat, as can be seen in the video that circulated on the internet. After this first step, the judgment should be known on June 1st.

Kurt Zouma’s brother also heard

Also present today in court, the player’s brother, Yoan Zoumawas also called to appear. He admitted having “assisted, abetted, counseled or incited his older brother to commit an offence” his brother in this story. He is also expected to know his sentence on June 1.

In the past few weeks, things have calmed down for Kurt Zouma, who continues to be booed when he plays outside, but he has been able to resume some semblance of normal life. Taken in dislike by the English population, he received the support of his club which asked that his player be forgiven for his reprehensible acts.

Pending knowing his sentence, Kurt Zouma is very discreet and he has not posted a single publication on his Instagram account since February 2.

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