Kwai wants to compete with TikTok with creative microseries – El Sol de México

Motivated by changes in the way of consuming entertainment, the Kwai video platform has focused on the production of microseries, a format designed for the digital age, with episodes between 15 seconds and two minutes long.

Alejandro de la Cruz, who heads the Offline production company that has more than 35 successful channels on the platform, explained that the differentiating factor compared to its main competitor TikTok is the content with positive messages that help personal reflection.

“If you don’t catch people within three seconds, then it will be very complicated. If we go straight to the strong part, there you arouse that interest, the challenge is to create arguments with which people empathize.

“In TikTok what you find is a lot of skin, you have to teach it to work, get on dance trends, which with us, it doesn’t work. We like more a creative proposal through stories with which people can identify, “she said in an interview.

Kwai is a Chinese application, founded in 2011, under the name of GIF Kuaishou, focused on the dissemination of video content. According to the company’s most recent report, as of April of last year they had around 150 million users worldwide.

The production company generates an average of 1,500 videos monthly; Its goal in the coming weeks is to increase its production by 30 percent to satisfy the needs of its consumers, who maintain an age range of between 25 and 45 years.

According to Alejandro, who is known in networks as Rocks de la Cruz, to receive the base salary offered by the company and extra bonuses, they must exceed 25 million visits in the month (total sum of the videos published).

Each channel has a different theme, one of the favorites and that the audience has requested is about the conflicts between social classes.

This month they premiere three programs: the glasses of truthwhen a person finds himself with glasses that help to see what the individual rejects or is the victim of a deception; The last day of your lifewhich questions about what you would do if today the period of stay on earth were completed and the one that makes you sinthe human representation of evil that tempts people to do something negative and evaluates the importance of values.

Clips that use more complex production equipment, as well as different visual effects embedded in post-production, are classified as premium.

The process of filming the chapters is very fast, according to Rocks; in just 15 minutes they achieve a video, which on average lasts 90 seconds. Prior to this process, ideas are brainstormed about the script to follow, when the story is selected, it is reviewed together with the actors.

On the other hand, the recording can be done with a cell phone, being the most accessible equipment, a reflex camera or opt for drones, always taking care of the quality of sound and image.

An example of this was the production of one of the episodes of the series Beware the Witchentitled remember your origin in which five actors recreated the story of an arrogant man, who believes that because he has money and is nouveau riche he can treat the service staff of his house as he wants.

The witch He will teach him a lesson and change his behavior after giving the protagonist a piece of writing that shakes him.

Due to the simplicity of the stories and the speed with which they are consumed, the recordings are carried out in common spaces such as the garage of the house, the kitchen or a garden. Shots are taken from at least three different angles and are repeated a maximum of four times to capture different aspects.

For Rocks it has also been a great learning experience because it involved discovering new ways of producing videos, which he had not experienced before.

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“It’s a university, because I had to unlearn and relearn with them because I did video productions and commercials, but from the old school. This platform taught us, I work with digital leaders, and by showing me this formula that you have very little time to catch people, you can apply it to all your content”.

Access is through the official application available on IOS and Android.

When downloading, you will only be asked to create an account; everything else is free. The materials produced have the Kwai logo.