Kylian Mbappé: Left by Emma Smet? She would be in a relationship with this actor!

Emma Smet had long been close to Kylian Mbappé. Many photos that leaked on social networks had indeed allowed the public to confirm this thesis. It was however without counting on this photo recently posted on his Instagram account. A shot in which she poses in the company of a known comedian. Would she have turned her back on her attractive footballer? Everything leads to believe it without anything being confirmed for the moment. The clues fuse in any case from everywhere and this time, we are far from the simple rumor.

Clues that leave very little room for doubt

Internet users were desperately waiting for a kiss to confirm Emma Smet’s alleged romantic relationship with Kylian Mbappé. A confirmation that will probably never happen since she would have decided to kiss another person. This famous actor who would be none other than Ichem boogy Bougheraba. The two celebrities would have met on the set of Segpa and since then they would not have left an inch. Witnesses would have seen the young woman close to this actor walking the streets of Paris.

This information relayed by our colleagues from Public therefore supports qu’Emma Smet would be in a relationship with the comedian. Information that remains for the moment to be taken with a grain of salt even if the revelations on this subject leave very little room for doubt. In any case, let’s hope that they quickly confirm this relationship so that the public can finally know what to expect.