Kylie Jenner appears without makeup and in pajamas on Instagram

    Not long ago, it was rare to see one kardashians without makeup and natural, but the tables are turning. Especially with regards to Kylie Jenner, which from time to time surprises us with its original version. If a few days ago he showed us his natural hair, now he does the same with an image without makeup.

    As all, kylie he also got up on Christmas morning to open presents with his family. And among the excitement of the surprises, he did not hesitate for a second to immortalize that special and beautiful moment with his mother, with whom he also shared pajamas.

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    There is not a more Christmas stamp and we must recognize that it has reminded all of us not only of a few days ago, but also of that Christmas breakfast from when we were little.

    Yes, for once in our lives we have seen ourselves identified with kylie, or well, more or less. Because despite the fact that the youngest of the Kardashians has uploaded a photo in pajamas, disheveled and with a washed face, we are still impressed with how Jenner is natural and, best of all, just woke up.

    But of course, it has its tricks. Among them, wearing eyelash extensions, which always make you have big eyes and you don’t need to make up on them anymore. But also another of Kylie’s tricks is to hydrate your lips very well before going to sleep and when you wake up to wake up with them soft and plump.

    For hair, if you are one of those who pick it up to sleep, stop doing it. Thus the hair fiber becomes more sensitive and is damaged much more easily and ends up breaking. Therefore, brush your hair before getting into bed so it doesn’t get tangled and get up with a long hair.

    Ready to wake up like a kardashians?