Kylie Jenner made a joke with the name of her daughter Stormi: she called her “the storm” in a photo | Famous

The Kardashians have distinguished themselves by calling their children strange names, which has also made them the target of memes. In this sense, Stormi, the eldest daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, whose name derives from the English word ‘storm’ (storm), was baptized in the social networks of Latin America and Spain as ‘La Tormenta’ and ‘La Chubascos ‘ and, interestingly enough, her mom just referred to her little girl with one of these names.

Kylie Jenner made a joke with the name of her daughter Stormi

In mid-June 2022, the creator of Kylie Cosmetics and her daughter visited the Museum of Natural Sciences in Houston. During their tour, mother and daughter enjoyed the many rooms and exhibitions of the enclosure such as the ‘Cockrell Butterfly Center’, where Jenner had a little scare with one of the butterflies, or the Morian Hall of paleontology, where Kylie revealed who has a great fascination for dinosaurs.

Also, on this visit, Stormi had the opportunity to learn more about the meteorological phenomenon from which her name derives and her mother captured the moment with a photo.

In the image, the 4-year-old girl poses next to lightning and a large cloud. However, what is memorable about the capture is the text that Kylie added to it: “the storm”. Yes in Spanish!

Jenner shared this image on her Instagram stories, so her more than 349 million followers couldn’t leave any comments (as they usually do on their pinned posts). However, on Twitter several users showed her emotion to see that Kylie referred to her daughter as “the storm”.

Some more even believe that Kylie did it knowing that several of her Spanish-speaking fans say that to her daughter. Others simply expressed the laughter that this moment caused them.

Kylie Jenner speaking Spanish: she made a mini novel on Snapchat

Calling Stormi ‘the storm’ is not the first time that Kylie shows off knowing a little Spanish. A few years ago, she shared a series of videos on her Snapchat account speaking this language with Ariel Tejada, her friend and her make-up artist who is of Cuban descent.

In the clips, Kylie can be heard joking in Spanish with Ariel. ‘Shut the fuck up, Ariel, please. Yes! I’m sick of you”, she expresses in a short mounted discussion with her friend.

“Good night”, “Oh, my God”, “Calm down, nothing is happening” are other phrases in Spanish that Jenner dedicates to the camera.

Along with Ariel, he also performed a mini soap opera where he had longer dialogues in Spanish.

In addition, during the time she was friends with Rosalía, Kylie also expressed herself several times in Spanish in the comments she exchanged with the Spanish singer on Instagram. Unfortunately, these messages are currently no longer available on the platform since Jenner stopped following the “Motomami” interpreter in 2021.