Kylie Jenner revealed on Instagram that her second child with Travis Scott will no longer be called Wolf | Famous

February 2, 2022 was a very special day for Kylie Jenner, as it was when she welcomed her second child with rapper Travis Scott.

Unlike her first pregnancy, the member of the Kardashian clan had lived this wait in a more public way, showing her “baby bump” on social networks and public events.

However, after the birth of Stormi’s younger brother, he has been absent from the public eye and has avoided giving many details of the little one.

It wasn’t until 6 weeks after giving birth that she decided to share some details of her renewed motherhood with her fans.

One of the first things she revealed was that her postpartum stage has been more difficult than the previous one “mentally, physically, spiritually”.

Kylie Jenner dedicated a video to her son

This March 21, the socialite “broke the Internet” with a series of publications dedicated to her baby.

It all started with a video of almost 10 minutes that he posted on his YouTube channel. In the clip, entitled ‘To our son’, she showed some moments of his pregnancy, as well as words of affection from his loved ones.

To this, a series of photographs were added on his Instagram account, in which Travis Scott is seen with the newborn in a hospital room, as well as the baby’s legs on his mother’s abdomen.

Kylie Jenner changed the name of her son: he is no longer Wolf

A few days after giving birth, the reality show star announced that the name of her second child with Travis Scott would be Wolf Webster (father’s last name).

This, through an Instagram story with the two words and a white heart.

However, after flooding social networks with new photos and videos of her pregnancy and postpartum, she gave news that no one expected: her offspring is no longer called that.

Also in an Instagram story he wrote:

“FYI, our son’s name is no longer Wolf, we didn’t feel like it was him. I wanted to tell you why I keep seeing ‘Wolf’ everywhere.”

However, she returned to the secrecy that has characterized her in this new stage of her life and avoided revealing what Stormi’s little brother will now be called.

Could it be that in the next few days share this detail? Nor can we forget that she has not shown the face of her newborn, so her fans are still eagerly awaiting more news from the businesswoman.