Kylie Jenner took her daughter Stormi shopping and showed interest in makeup

Since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her second baby, whose official name is unknown to date and months after the child was born, the businesswoman commented on how hard it was to live her second pregnancy. The model, she took the opportunity to compare this stage with the one she lived while she was waiting for her firstborn.

The youngest of the sisters, took advantage of her reach on her social networks by being the second person with the most followers on Instagram to give a message about the reality she lives: “I wanted to say to all those who have been mothers that this postpartum period is not being easy. . It’s being very hard. This experience for me has been a little more difficult than with my daughter, ”said she, Kylie, who also recognizes the hard months that have passed since she was in the sweet wait.

Now, although she pays close attention to her second baby, the truth is that the youngest of the Jenners has shown that over the years she becomes a great mother for her little ones, demonstrating the quality time she shares with each one of them. they.

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Just as it happened recently when she was seen with her eldest daughter, Stormi, visiting a makeup store to, mainly, show her the stand where her brand and its products were, some dedicated to her.

“Today is a very special day because I am taking my daughter to see my products at Ulta. You are excited? We are already here. I am very happy ”, commented the businesswoman while next to her, hugging her, was her daughter.

During her stay in the store, the little girl first demonstrated her fashion style because she looked like a doll, accompanying her outfit with white tennis shoes and a pink Prada mini-bag. Second, she demonstrated once again that she is part of one of the most millionaire and luxurious families in the United States.

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While they were giving their tour of the place, Kylie’s firstborn chose several products from her mother’s brand, where she grabbed a red lipstick, an illuminator and a palette of shadows.

However, what has caught the attention of the followers is that the girl not only stayed looking and taking things from her mother’s company, but also decided to go to another stand where there were more brands and choose more products there. in which one is found that Kylie had also grabbed.

That video would make it clear that Stormi inherited the love for makeup just like her mom and all her aunts, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall, who are passionate about fashion and beauty. The publication quickly caused tenderness in her followers who applauded Kylie’s gesture of wanting to spend quality time with her little girl.

The video has now surpassed 5 million likes.and has thousands of comments from both fans and other celebrities close to the model. In addition, it is worth noting that, in the middle of the clip, you can see how Kylie is with her followers, and that while she was in the store watching her daughter buy her favorite makeup, the businesswoman met a couple of followers who approached her to ask for a photo.