“La Bebeshita” and Roger González say goodbye to Venga la Alegría, with tender messages

the television station Aztec TV it is renewed and makes changes, within those movements is the dismissal of several hosts of the Venga la Alegría program, both in its weekday and weekend editions. One of the figures that says goodbye to the morning is “La Bebeshita” and Roger González.

the famous driver Daniela Alexis, better known as the bebeshita said bye to the TV Azteca program through a message, he wrote, “Today I say goodbye to ‘Come Joy weekend’, thank you all for putting up with me every weekend, the pranks, my nonsense, patience and everything you gave me. Thanks to each one of them. the entire production, the staff, my driver friends who really were already a United family, It wasn’t going to work, it was going to have fun with friends”.

The host says that despite her departure from the program there are surprises at the door, making it clear that she could continue in another TV Azteca project.

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La Bebeshita says goodbye to Venga la Alegría. Photo: Instagram

“The Little Baby” He ends his dismissal message with the following; “I learned a lot, I laughed a lot but the cycles close to continue dreaming and get higher every time. I love you all, thank you Raúl Mejía, my producer that I have loved for centuries; Olga, Sofía, Alejandro, Rafa, Gaby, Alana, Aris, Mati, Cynthia and all the production that are a lot, I love them… but there are surprises”.

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Roger González says goodbye to Venga la Alegría. Photo: Instagram

For his part, the driver Roger González also gave a few words to say goodbye to his job in “Come Joy”, upload a photo on Instagram where he writes the following; “I can finally tell you how happy and grateful I feel to close a beautiful cycle, to welcome the new projects that I will be doing this 2023″.

In another part of the writing it puts; “The hardest decisions are the ones we make when all is well. But only those who have gone through this feeling will know that sometimes we have to push for changes to allow new things to come into our lives to continue working with the impulse of PASSION”.

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