La Bebeshita reveals without filters what Érika Buenfil told her

Arman stirred up the statements of the little baby in which she reveals what she spoke with Érika Buenfil, mother of Nicolás, a young man who woos her on social networks, because she says she is very much in love.

the beautiful influencer stated that he had never seen in person Nicholas Buenfilthey have only been in contact by message, in which the young man asks him to meet and get to know each other, but La Bebeshita does not give him an answer, since he knows that he is a minor.

According to the ex-lover of the program Falling in love, she commented for the cameras of De Pimera Mano what Erika Buenfil He did not want her as a daughter-in-law, since he told his son he was too young, so he prevented him from sending her compliments.

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Let us remember that in an interview The Queen of Tik Tok assured that La Bebeshita is a very beautiful and attractive young woman, but that she is much bigger than her son Nicolás, so I advise the young man that he will wait a while to meet bigger women.

He was sending me little tables, we never saw each other, super casual, he invited me out, but he’s very small, said La Bebeshita.

Given these statements, Daniela Alexis thanked Érika Buenfil for the words she dedicated to her, but also jokingly commented that she doesn’t want to be his mother-in-lawhence a wave of reactions was unleashed on social networks.

It should be noted that the reggaeton singer also confirmed that she does not know Nicolás Buenfil in person, they have only spoken through messages through the different options offered by the Internet.

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Surely with the passage of time they will be able to coincide, since Nicolás is very close to the world of entertainment, thanks to his mother, while La Bebeshita is making her debut as a host in the program Venga La Alegría Fin de Semana, where she has had great success for your beauty, charisma and talent.

She doesn’t want me to be her daughter-in-law, she doesn’t want to be my mother-in-law, her son is very small, it’s so cute that he pissed me off, thank you, he didn’t talk to his son anymore, he can no longer worry, the Mexican blogger clarified.

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