La descarga (Snail): Carlos Calero stopped Marbelle for a show: “We are on the air”

After a clue about a participant’s discomfort was confirmed, the presentations in ‘La descarga’ were the space for moments full of intensity.

The intensity in the singing and coexistence program of Caracol Televisión went from the incidents in the musical camp to the stage, where Marbelle shared the stage with her pupil Mel García. This is the video of that apparition.

However, after both of them put on a scene that captivated the public and the jury, Carlos Calero had to enter to end with a moment full of emotion.

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‘La descarga’: Carlos Calero stopped Marbelle for a show

The host of the program entered the stage when Marbelle and Mel García stood with their faces very close, as part of the staging of the performance of ‘Come into my life’.

“Sorry to interrupt you. We are on the air”, said Calero with the intention of stopping the show of the team from Valle del Cauca at that moment, who acknowledged that he got into the film.

The presenter exalted the chemistry that existed between the mentor of the singing contest so much that he gave a particular name to an eventual novel between the two: he named them Marmel, in honor of the first letters of their names, respectively.

Marbelle herself confessed that she had a moment of lack of concentration due to the closeness of the singer who accompanied her, despite the fact that in the rehearsal she was the one who insisted on getting closer.

The presentation drew praise from Gusi, Santiago Cruz and Maía, who applauded Mel García for making the interpreter of ‘Addicted to Pain’ nervous, whom he jokingly described as “the baddest woman”.

Now, the choice of the viewers is pending on which they think was the best team in this cycle, where Calero had the curious interaction to put an end to the Marbelle show.