La Madrastra 2022: Martha Julia and Cecilia Gabriela are part of the cast of the new version of the 2005 telenovela | Famous

Twenty years after her courtship with Gabriel Soto, Aracely Arámbula and the actor meet again in the remake of La Madrastra. However, “la Chule” is not the only ex-girlfriend of Soto who will participate in the soap opera that began recording in early June 2022: Martha Julia, with whom she had an affair from 2002 to 2004, is also part of the cast.

The presence of Martha Julia in this new version La Madrastra is quite significant, since the story is not alien to the actress. More than 15 years ago, Martha participated in the melodrama starring Victoria Ruffo. She is joined by the actress Cecilia Gabriela, who was also part of the cast of this telenovela and returns with a new character.

Martha Julia and Cecilia Gabriela return to La Madrastra: their characters in the new version

In 2005, Martha Julia played the ambitious Ana Rosa, the fiancée of Esteban San Román, played by César Évora. 17 years later, the actress will have a new role, but also related to the protagonist of the soap opera: Esteban, now played by the 47-year-old Chilean actor Andrés Palacios, as she explained in a recent meeting with the media.

“It’s a great blessing, it’s a great fortune and you rarely have the opportunity to play another character in the same story now. Now I am the wife of one of the partners, one of his friends but eternally in love with the protagonist”.

Martha also expressed that the remake embraces the inherent magic of La Madrastra from 17 years ago, which is inspired by the Chilean telenovela of the same name created by Arturo Moya Grau. However, she warned that they are going to tell her in a “very different” way.

In 2005’s La Madrasta, Cecilia Gabriela worked very closely with Martha Julia, as her character, Daniela Márquez de Rivero, was none other than her aunt. With her return to the new version, Cecilia, 60 years old, does not completely detach herself from her role of more than 15 years ago, only there are two slight twists in her story: her name changed of her and now she is pregnant.

“Coincidentally I’m playing the same character as Daniela, now Emilia, but here I’m pregnant.”

After the success of La Madrastra in 2005, both Martha Julia and Cecilia Gabriela continued to have a great presence on the small screen. Among her most recent projects, we can highlight Julia’s presence in La Mexicana y el Güero, where she plays Detective Vanessa Larios, as well as Cecilia’s participation in Vencer el Miedo, where she played Tamara.

Aracely Arámbula, Andrés Palacios, Martha Julia and Cecilia Gabriela are joined by a great cast made up of Marisol del Olmo, Isadora González, Marco Treviño, Juan Martín Jáuregui, Gabriel Soto, Vilma Sotomayor, José Elías Moreno, Juan Carlos Barreto, Denia Agalianou and Lol Spain.