“La Mega Parranda Navideña” conquers the heart of Santiago, returns this December 31

The first installment of “La Mega Parranda Navideña” brought together in its first installment popular national music stars who delighted a crowd that followed them live and on a television network.

This musical gift from President Luis Abinader and various private sector companies impacted the entire country from Cibao, which followed the incidents of this concert from the main entrance of the Gran Teatro del Cibao parking lot.

From now on, enthusiasm reigns for the second performance, this December 31, in the same place and with other luminaries of Dominican music.

A large stage served as a platform for the public to welcome each of the proposals that performed in front of a crowd of young people and adults.

“El Mayimbe”, Fernando Villalona, ​​”The Big Father of merengue” and inexhaustible creator Wilfrido Vargas; the captivating voice of Eddie Herrera, the bewitching mischief of Miriam Cruz, and the typical music icon Fefita La Grande captivated those present with their repertoires.

Also, the magical accordion of Yovanny Polanco, the salsa show by Sexappeal, the idol of generations of bachata Teodoro Reyes, the merengue player Manny Cruz and the queen of “Bembé” Steffany Constanza, made young and old enjoy the show from beginning to end. first installment of the 35th anniversary of the Christmas Mega Parranda at the main entrance of the Gran Teatro del Cibao parking lot.

Michael Miguel Holguín, Audrey Bremon, Rubio Chralie, Juan Alberto Peña, Julio Clemente and Albert Contreras were the entertainers of the first of two 35th anniversary Christmas Mega Parranda celebrations.

President Luis Abinader has shown a great gesture of solidarity with the artistic class and providing quality cultural entertainment to the public, to the rhythm of merengue, bachata, typical music, tropical and urban fusions and the entire entertainment sector in general, organizers said. .

In addition, the support of the Dominican National Brewery, Barceló, Pepsi, Wind Telecom, energizers 911 and RTVD has been present for these presentations of stars and legends of our music.

The organizers achieved a wide national television network with a very good impact at the national level.

At the end of the concerts, attendees can enjoy a Christmas dinner and bonus prizes valued at 1,500 pesos in the name of President Luis Abinader.

The organizer of the event, Luis Medrano, thanked all the police and military agencies, as well as private security, the Directorate of the Gran Teatro del Cibao, the administration of the monumental area, the Civil Defense and firefighters, the Digeset , to the municipal mayor’s office of Santiago and to all the production staff for their collaboration and support.