Lââm: His joke about Loana and suicide does not pass at all!

More than a year after the death of her husband, Lââm is trying to climb the slope little by little. Carried away by pancreatic cancer, Robert Suber, leaves the singer inconsolable. The one, who surprises with her new haircut, wanted to reassure her community who are worried about her mental health: “There’s no need to worry. Thanks. People ask me every day if I’m fine, that’s nice. Well no, I’m not well. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to cut my wrists with a laam (sic). Waiting for death, waiting for your turn, waiting for a heart attack, does not mean committing suicide. I am waiting to join my husband. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. And no need for blah blah care bears, comments. Thanks. I’m 50, I’m an adult. “. But his recent joke worries just as much…

Lââm: His mental health worries!

On his Instagram, the artist loves to share photos of his glory years. Star of the 2000s with Loana, the two icons are still friends. But the singer strangely slips up by posting a photo of them with the message: ” Excluded single 2022 Loana feat Lââm. Title ‘we are going to commit suicide with Lame’, written and composed by the cousin of Mylène Farmer, Choreography Afida Turner ». “. Lââm strongly worries his fans with his regular messages on suicide, but we remind you, above all, that Loana has several times tried to kill himself. The former singer admits, however, his lack of tact, but slips up again: “I admit my mistake and we must respect all suicidal people around the world and with respect. “. “I tried to kill myself and I didn’t have the courage. Maybe one day, who knows. “. A private joke between friends or a little out of place black humor?

Lââm: His joke about Loana and suicide does not pass at all!
© Instagram / @laamofficiel Lââm slips!

Shortly after, the artist decided to apologize publicly: ” I apologize to Loana whom I love, to her family, her friends, her fans, for my very, very bad taste joke. I admit it sucked, I’ll be careful next time. Ps: I received death threats, that they were going to cut me into pieces with a blade. I hope you like beef bourguignon or mechoui. The old woman has good fat. “. “All I have to do now is kill myself by jumping from the ground floor. Farewell to all. Lââm, the one who was looking for glory, but who only had ‘Laamisère’. “.

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