“Lack of hugs”: Lou Pernaut makes a big decision for the start of the school year

Lou Pernaut posted a message on Instagram to his followers. And one thing is certain: the girl needs love!

Lou Pernaut lovesick. The 19-year-old girl posted a message to Internet users on Thursday, June 16. The daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay shouted loud and clear his need… for hugs! “The friends ! I really want to have a little baby cat for the start of the school year. However, I prefer to adopt a kitten from an association, found in the street, or who finds no one to take care of it. Let me know if you have any contacts. I’m in need of hugs, I’ll give him lots of kisses, I promise!can we read on his story.

Tenderness after a terrible ordeal. This year, Lou Pernaut experienced mourning. Indeed, his father, the journalist and emblematic host of the 13H news from TF1 died of cancer on March 2. Lou Pernaut appeared strong alongside her mother at the funeral. The TV star had four childrentwo he had with Nathalie Marquay, tom and Louand two others from his previous union with Dominique Bonnet.

Vacation time has come for Lou Pernaut

Lou Pernaut like changes. At the end of May, she opted for a hair transformation. She had decided to lighten her hair. She happily shared the pictures of her new look. “I’m super super super happy with the result!”, she wrote in her story. And after her cat cravings, Lou Pernaut will be able to savor… his vacation! “I’m so happy, plus it’s sunny, it’s hot, what more could you ask for!” Sunshine and warmth that gives the daughter of “JPP” a smile!