Lady Gaga receives recognition from the Gaga Foundation; she is the artist of the year

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Los Angeles California.- During the first hours of this Sunday, March 27, the actress and singer Lady Gaga became a trend in social networks because it received recognition for Artist of the Year by the Harvard Foundation, which invited her in person to receive such an award; however, she was unable to attend.

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“The Harvard Foundation Artist of the Year 2022 is Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga will appear virtually during the Annual Cultural Rhythms Show tomorrow, March 26. There will be 10 incredible performances from a variety of cultural groups on campus, as well as a virtual conversation and tribute to our Artist of the Year, Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga’s presence was via Zoom because the composer could not attend the event derived from the preparations around the 94th Oscar Awards Ceremony; However, part of her speech was what made her a trend after assuring that she tries to give much more than a musical show at each event, all because fans do everything possible to buy a ticket.

“It doesn’t seem right to me to make music and for someone to buy a ticket to see my show and for music to be the only thing to offer on stage (…) I always want to offer something more to the public,” said the singer.

This year, Lady Gaga was not considered for the list of best actressz for his performance in The House of Gucci; however, she was considered in awards such as the BAFTA or the Critics Choice AwardsTherefore, its presence in the Dolby Theater Los Angeles It will be one of the most anticipated tonight.

Source: Twitter