Lady Gaga sounds to be part of Joker 2

Mexico.- The rumor that Lady Gaga is part of Joker 2 It is stronger than ever and it transpired that the singer is also in negotiations with the production of the film.

The Hollywood Reporter assured that the actress is in initial talks and it is speculated that she could enter the role of harley quinn, the psychiatrist in Arkham, the mental institution where the villain stays and in which she falls in love with him, so they become partners in crime.

Previously, Quinn was performed by Margot Robbie, But this universe is an alternative to the rest of DC, so Phillips’ script with Scott Silver could even become a musical, according to sources in the American media. Recall that the character first appeared in the early 1990s in Batman: The Animated Series.

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Gaga already worked with the filmmaker when Phillips f.He was the producer of A Star Is Born, in 2018, a film after which Gaga was nominated for an Oscar for best actress, in addition to winning the statuette for original song. Meanwhile, The Joker earned Phoenix the Oscar for best actor, in addition to 11 nominations.

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