Lady Gaga’s security man mistakes a ‘drag queen’ for her

Lady Gaga

Axelle/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images

    Lady Gaga has been touring various countries and continents with his tour ‘The Chromatica Ball’ During two months. The singer ended this tour last Saturday September 17 in Miami, Florida and this last concert has given much to talk about. Due to a tropical storm with heavy rain and lightning, Lady Gaga could not finish the concert and apologized in networks, while crying. But leaving aside this unexpected event, at the end of the tour it happened a funny moment that has gone viral.

    The singer’s fans were waiting for her and, luckily, she showed up (or so they thought). Instead of Lady Gaga she was a ‘drag queen’ dressed in similar styling and makeup which the singer wore at the concert. Such was her resemblance that, not only were her followers confused, but one of the security men also thought it was her and was accompanying him. “I’m a ‘drag queen’! I’m not Lady Gaga! My God!” The alleged singer shouted and it was at that moment that the security guard realized her mistake. The video in which it is shown the moment and the face of confusion that is left to all those present, especially the security guard, has gone viral on TikTok and has 2 million likes.

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    Penelopy is the ‘drag queen’ who has posed as Lady Gaga on several occasions and has even met her in person. She now she has gotten the singer’s followers to revolutionize in the networks, laughing at such confusion. “I had a 30-minute laugh attack, my God,” commented one fan, although there are others who they still think it was really the singer of ‘Bad Romance’: “Honestly, yelling ‘I’m a drag queen’ is definitely something Lady Gaga would do.”