Laeticia Hallyday hospitalized again: Her fans are worried!

Hospitalized in the medical emergency room in March 2022, Laeticia Hallyday had somewhat regained her health. Johnny Hallyday’s widow had even traveled to the south of France to spend the summer holidays there. However, things seem to have gotten complicated again, as she recently revealed. Jade’s mother would indeed have been forced to return to the hospital box for the same illness that had affected her a few months ago. A pathology that greatly affected his mobility and for good reason, it would be chronic gouty arthritis. If she had initially followed an appropriate treatment to remedy it, the disease therefore returned to the attack. Forcing her to take much stronger drugs.

An evil difficult to manage

Chronic gouty arthritis results in the deposition of microcrystals of uric acid in the joints. Suffice to say that the pain it generates on the most affected points is unbearable in addition to visible inflammation in the skin. We therefore understand better why this 47-year-old former model had spent almost an entire day in intensive care during her first hospitalization. Determined to remedy this once and for all, the darling of Jalil Lespert therefore returned to the hospital path on July 4th. Precisely in order to carry out a complete check-up and thus establish a plan of attack in order to fight against this very disabling disease.

Managing this disease on a daily basis is far from being a cakewalk for Laeticia Hallyday. The pretty blonde who will therefore have to follow a particularly heavy treatment in order to best support the resulting symptoms. If she has not yet delivered the details of her treatment, we can already imagine what it is just in terms of taking medication. At the same time, Jade’s mother will be forced to submit to a strict diet intended to reduce the level of uric acid contained in her body. For this, she will have to refrain from consuming red meat and tomato sauce. As if that were not enough, the consumption of alcohol is also prohibited. His vacation is therefore likely to take a completely different turn, at least unpleasant.

Health comes first

It is clear that for Laeticia Hallyday, health comes first. The widow of Johnny Hallyday thus to resign herself to this heavy treatment and this adapted diet which was prescribed to her. She is aware that it is for her own good and will invest herself fully until her total recovery. However, the fight is likely to be still rather long given the tenacity of this pathology from which she suffers. Let’s hope in any case that this will in no way affect the professional projects in which she plans to invest herself soon. In particular the filming of the biopic about the life of Johnny Hallyday which had been talked about for a long time.