Laeticia Hallyday weakened: this huge financial setback which comes on top of her health problems

While Laeticia Hallyday suffers from serious health problems, the Council of State has just restored a tax adjustment of 471,780 euros on the tour Stop me there by Johnny Hallyday.

This Friday, March 25, 2022, Closer revealed that Laeticia Hallyday had been hospitalized in emergency in intensive care at the American Hospital in Neuilly. Those who suffer from hypokalaemia are going through a particularly complicated period because of financial problems. Capital has just revealed that the Council of State has just restored a tax adjustment of 471,780 euros from the profits of the tour Stop here by Johnny Hallyday.

According to the magazine, this tax adjustment would concern “mysterious money transfers made between three of Johnny’s companies between 2010 and 2022“. Indeed, the Taulier would have transferred the benefits of his tour Stop here to its main shareholder: the company SARL Navajo belonging to it. The latter would then have paid 2.1 million euros to a civil real estate company also 99.9% owned by him, “the balance belonging to his wife Laeticia and their daughter Jade“. Finally, the SCI would have donated that money straight to the teen idol, the very next day.

Laeticia Hallyday forced to sell many properties.

Transfers between different accounts were “each time tax-free loans“, carried out “without reason“and at rates”specially advantageous“. According to Capitalthe loans have no never been declared or reimbursed. If Johnny Hallyday had initially challenged the tax adjustment in 2015, the tax authorities provided in cassation before the Council of State, which has just ruled in his favor.

Since Johnny’s death in 2017, Laeticia Hallyday, who now shares her life with Jalil Lespert, has been forced to sell real estate and liquidate assets to honor its debt of 30 million euros. She initially sold the Californian villa of Pacific Palisades at 15 million euros before selling at the beginning of 2022 the villa of Marnes-la-Coquette for 10 million euros. In the end, Jade and Joy’s mother only kept the villa Jade in Saint-Barthelemy. A property that she sometimes rents out for more than €18,000 at night in low season.


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