Lali Espósito presents her most personal album – El Sol de México

Lali Espósito started the year with a lot of music, in recent months she has already released three singles, Discipline, Like you and Diva; which are the first cuts of a record material that he will present very soon.

He was recently in Spain to attend the Platino Awards gala and told The Sun of Mexico that it is her most personal album to date, so she feels very proud of the result.

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“This album defines me one hundred percent, it is the fifth of my career, and it is the most me that I have done so far. It is the most consistent with my current situation, my age and what I have to say, with the things that happened to me and what I say in the lyrics”.

The singer added that this touch goes far beyond the texts, since she also experimented with rhythms closer to her, which are due to the rock and electronic influences that have surrounded her since she was a child.

“The musical production goes to another world, it is a pop album with influences of electronic music, I go one hundred percent on the other side. I leave sounds that no longer represent me so much, and I risk a lot for something that I consider more genuine for me. “.

However, he ruled out that he is going to completely move away from the urban rhythms that he enjoys so much, because although he is seeking to differentiate himself, he really likes reggaeton, both for singing and dancing.

“The music industry fluctuates, it moves all the time. There is something for Latinos that is urban, that sets a lot of trends, maybe it’s not the sound that I do by choice at the moment, although I’m always flirting because I love to dance and twerk to the bottom”, he commented.

Close a cycle in action

The also actress recently concluded the filming of the third and final season of the series sky redwhich he has starred in since 2021, giving life to the character of Wendy. Although its premiere was recent, the project had been underway since 2019, so completing it fills it with nostalgia and emotion.

“We just finished filming a few days ago, I still don’t fall, I wake up and I feel like I have to go to the call. We spent three years making this production, but with this we close this story. It is a series that we put our body and heart into, I learned a lot, and it was a great experience for me.”

Although at the moment he does not have any acting project in the pipeline, he is preparing the premiere of a series called the end of lovean adaptation of the homonymous novel by Támara Tenenbaum, of which she is the producer and protagonist.