Lalo Spain cancels show due to organized crime; what did the actor say? – The Sun of Mexico

Laura Spain worried his followers after he published a message in which he denounced that due to organized crime he had been forced to cancel one of his shows

Through his Twitter account, the actor reported the cancellation of one of his presentations; He said he was desperate and very sad about it.

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So far it is unknown if it refers to a function of the work “Happy”, but the artist also lamented the wave of violence in the country and He expressed his anger at the corruption that also prevails in Mexico.

After his message, the actor continued posting tweets to promote the event. “Laughter with Cause”, an Alejandro Gou production to raise funds for the benefit of ANDA, where he along with other comedians will be performing.

Spain had denounced hacker threats

It should be noted that the monologue of Spain has been presented every week since Monday, April 4 at the Xola theater in Mexico City.

It is not the first time that the comedian makes this type of complaint because It was only in March 2021 that Lalo made public the threats of a hacker that he planned to misuse his bank accounts and his identity.

“Attention Prosecutor of Mexico City. I am being threatened and blackmailed by the following account that has cloned data. I appreciate investigating the account and taking action on the matter. I await an answer”, he then wrote on his Twitter but later deleted the post.

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Since then, Spain had not had another incident to this day and despite his statements, the comedian has not given more details about what happened or which show was cancelled.