Lalo Spain clarifies if Eugenio Derbez rejected him to play Chespirito

Lalo España’s desire to become Roberto Gómez Bolaños for the bioseries that is being prepared has been full of controversies and lies that provoked the actor’s anger.
First it was a message from Spain itself that was misunderstood since the comedian wrote on his social networks that a producer had deceived him by casting him in a casting in which he praised him but then did not speak to him again.
Followers from Spain assumed that it was Chespirito’s bioseries and sent him messages lamenting the situation.
Lalo España himself had to go out to clarify that his messages referred to another production and regretted that the news had been taken up again without consulting him.

Now, the confusion comes from Eugenio Derbez, who published a video in which he showed “his Chavo del ocho”, played by Juan Frese.
It was a behind-the-scenes video in which Derbez wrote a mysterious message.
So once again there were those who interpreted that this video was part of the bioseries and that Lalo Spain had been left out.
Lalo, annoyed, had to clarify the matter since the video shared by Derbez was part of a commercial that was not related to the bioseries.
Spain, until now, remains firm in its dream of playing Roberto Gómez Bolaños since it considers him an idol that marked an era in the history of comedy in Spanish.