Large families: a famous TV host arrives on the show!

Big surprise this January 24 in Large Families! A famous TV host has landed on the TF1 star show, to the delight of Souad Romero who adores him!

Large families, it is THE unmissable program for the French. Every evening, thousands of viewers carefully follow the adventures of these XXL clans. And too bad if the Pellissards have decided to no longer participate in the show, fans can console themselves with Läetitia Provenchère who raises her four children alone, but also with the Gonzalez who have just found their children after several days of absence, or even the Hammerli who have just welcomed a new little one. For nearly three years, the clans of Large families have become viewers’ best friends. So much so that many of them are present on social networks where they give daily news of their families. This is for example the case of the Colas, whose eldest daughter Selena is studying in the United States. A difficult geographical separation for Delphine Colaswho recently confided have gained weight since the birth of her first baby.

true influencer, Camille Santoro announced on Instagram his decision to stop the filming of Large families. “We stopped shooting last September in joy and good humor, always grateful for what this adventure has brought us, but our days are very very full and it’s starting to be difficult to put a shoot in the middle so we have taken off and have to give way to others, there are plenty of beautiful families to discover. I will always be grateful for the momentum this show gave us. I know how much I worked my little muscles to get there, for all that, for everything that happened after. It was a very nice adventure”, confided the wife of Nicolas, promising to always be present on Instagram.

The Romeros surprised by a famous animator

And when one door closes, another opens! Many new clans have landed in Large families. There are the Hammerli, but also the Tran, the Valiente and the Riquelme. And some celebrities may occasionally appear on the show! This is the case of Patrick Sebastian, who was seen on the Tuesday, January 24 episode with the Romeros. Happy to meet the former presenter of Biggest cabaret in the worldSouad Romero gave him a huge hug, saying: “Patrick, how happy I am to see you! Happy with this meeting”unbelievable”, mario’s wife claimed to havecompletely let go on seeing him”. A memory that Souad Romero will never forget.