Large families: A mother with a malformation, a lifelong treatment to take

In Large families, life in XXLthe tribe González has taken pride of place. Quickly, the parents of eight children, Melanie and Frank, have developed a great popularity on screen but also on social networks. It is therefore quite natural that Jordan De Luxe received them in its new appointment for Entertainment TV, At Jordan’sjust like Diana Blois or even Justine Cordule before.

During this interview, Mélanie and Franck made a big revelation. The pretty mom suffers from a little heart problem. “She doesn’t say it, but she has a treatment“, clarified the entrepreneur. And for his wife “quickly out of breath” to detail: “I have a tricuspid so a aortic artery malformationbut everything is fine. I just have a treatment to take for life“.

Mélanie Gonzalez was diagnosed at the time of the birth of her fourth child. Thus, despite the constraint of taking medication daily, she was perfectly able to enlarge her clan. “I am followed by a gynecologist and everything is fine. Pregnancies do not interfere with anything, they do not aggravate anything. There are people who live with it all their life and others who have to have surgery. IYou just have to watch, be careful“, she explained.

With her husband Franck, Mélanie therefore had the pleasure of welcoming eight children without a hitch: Margot, Nino, Paolo, Elio, Hugo, Malo, Cléo and the youngest Marceau, born on September 3, 2021. And the couple does not close the door to the idea of ​​having a ninth baby. “We are already working a lot! But I don’t say anything, because each time we tell our friends, it’s over, it’s the last… and then three months later, I’m pregnant!“, confides the candidate with caution. Getting pregnant again has something attractive for Mélanie who has always had incredible experiences with her first eight children. “I love giving birthI find it too beautiful, it’s magic, it’s the most beautiful moments of my life“, she admitted.