Large families: Laëtitia Provenchère talks about the death of her husband when she was pregnant

She is one of the new contestants on the show Large families, life in XXL. Laëtitia Provenchère is a single mother, at the head of a tribe of four toddlers. A situation that the young woman did not choose, the father of her children indeed tragically died while she was expecting her triplets. She confided in the columns ofFeminine

For the Fanichs and the Orgevals, a page turns. The two clans that have participated so far in the show Large families, life in XXL have disappeared. But a new chapter of the program opens. The Pellissard, the Galli, the Jeanson, the Bambara but also the Gonzales and the Jean Zephirin will be there. Another great news, the Santoro signed their return on March 23. Camille, her husband Nicolas and their six children left the program in March 2021. “We are delighted to come back, really!”, slipped on Instagram the one that is often described as “perfect mother “. To complete the picture, six new families are entering the program! In the columns ofFeminine, Laëtitia Provenchère, at the head of a tribe of four toddlers, gave herself up on the drama that made her a single mom today…

Testify to help

Because this status Laëtitia Provenchère did not choose it, it was fate, tragic which imposed on her as she reveals to our colleagues. “When I was 2 months pregnant with the triplets, I suddenly lost my husband”, said the 36-year-old mother who works as a sales assistant. “Guillaume was really the ideal husband, a real father hen. But in August 2020, he suffered an accident at work and died 2 days later.. At that time, the real question was how to manage my pain and how to tell a 2-year-old boy that he won’t see his dad again? Fortunately, I was not alone to overcome this ordeal, my family and my in-laws were very present. My mother came to live with me to support me. Today I am proud to be at the head of a large family. she explained.

Viewers were able to discover, a few days ago on video on the Instagram account of Large families, the smiling face of the young mother. Difficult then to imagine the drama that had played out recently. Laëtitia is proud to join the program and show how she manages to carry her little world with love and enthusiasm: ” I am very positive. It was important for me to show my daily life between managing my grief with the loss of my husband then the education of my children and all this while being alone with triplets. Multiple pregnancies are not easy, it’s a bit of a mysterious world. When I got pregnant even while being with Guillaume, I had a lot of questions. It was not easy to find moms, all alone with tripletsso I hope I could help by participating in this show”, she concluded. Without a doubt Laëtitia Provenchère, Nolann, and the triplets, Emmy, Lyna and Noëlya will leave their mark on the show…