Large Families: “Very shocked”, a candidate reveals that one of her children had a motorcycle accident

The Gonzalez family had a complicated and emotional weekend. Usually very active on social networks, Franck and Mélanie Gonzalez were very discreet for a few days. As their fans began to seriously worry about not hearing from them again, the mother of the family resurfaced on Monday, January 23. Looking relaxed, she revealed that she had spent a very stressful weekend and for good reason: one of her sons had a motorcycle accident!

Being famous doesn’t make you invincible, and the Gonzalezes learned that the hard way on Friday, January 20. Back on Instagram, the mother of 8 children, who made a name for herself on the program Large Families: Life in XXL, revealed that one of her sons had a good scare. “Regarding my absence this weekend… I won’t hide from you that I was unable to make a story or say anything, to act as if everything was fine when it wasn’t at all. I was not in good shape at all. We had a problem Friday night with Nino. He had a motorcycle incident…“, she dropped in a serious tone.

More fear than harm

Fortunately, the young man is doing very well and his mother immediately wanted to reassure his faithful community. “He is doing very well. He is very shocked, but he is very, very well. I cut the networks all weekend because I really wanted to be with my son, my children, my husband. We really needed to meet all ten“, she added. An incident without physical damage, but which still brought an emotional shock to this large, close-knit tribe.

Although in good health, the 17-year-old has, for his part, found his habits somewhat upset. “Nino is doing very well. He went back to work this morning… But it was dad who took him. And it’s mom who will come and pick it up! He will not return to his motorcycle for the moment. I don’t prefer, and neither does he: it’s cold, he’s better in the car“, she concluded, winking at the camera. All’s well that ends well!