Las bravas FC, the series that celebrates the world of women’s soccer

Mauricio Ochman he was the number one fan of his eldest daughter, when as a child she belonged to her soccer team school. Therefore, today celebrates that a series addresses the theme of women’s soccer, in the bravas fc, where he gives life to the team’s coach.

“My daughter Lorenza is already 18 years old, and I went to see her play when she was little. It was nice, now that at women’s team Mexican is doing so well, despite the fact that the support is not optimal, it seems important to me that from our trench we support the women’s sport in all its areas, let’s help change the vision and seek equality”, he shared with The Sun of Mexico.

The actor plays Roberto Casas, a Spanish sports star, originally from Mexico, who after an accident on the field is unable to continue playing. He squanders his fortune and must return to his hometown, where he becomes the trainer of a women’s team local.

Once there, your character will gradually discover the passion that the players feel for their sportsomething that made the actor remember the way in which he himself has accompanied his daughters to explore their interests.

“You have to give them the freedom to experiment, play and do what they are passionate about. My part of dad is to support them in everything they like, one runs the risk that if you define yourself in only one thing, you can miss out on the rest, always I am going to support them so that they do what they are passionate about,” he said.

In it cast They are joined by Iran Castillo and Ana Valeria Becerril, who play the town teacher and the team’s goalkeeper, respectively. Both feel identified with the story, as they remembered their own incursions in that sport.

“I was going to play on Sundays, but I was always very bad,” said Iran, who practiced soccer for a year and a half when she was 30 years old. “From there I became very fond of him when I saw the passion of the women playing and feeling this vulnerability when you’re on the pitch. You watch a game and say ‘oh, they’re already coughing it up’, but when you really play you realize that they are enchila“.

The also singer acknowledged that she left the team because she never developed the necessary skill that required that sport practice, although before leaving he took the opportunity to learn everything he could. “I asked for help from a colleague who was very good, we told her the month, because he was one of those who jumped and took the ball from everyone. I asked her for private classes and I didn’t even get it “, he recalls about her experience.

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For Ana Valeria Becerril interpret to Claudia, it was a way of living her childhood dream, because when she was little she wanted to become a professional soccer player. “Even if it’s fiction, for a little while, it made me imagine what would have happened, and I remembered those afternoons I used to go out with my friends to play.”

They trained with the professionals

To prepare, the actresses who play the team hung out with real players, who even appeared as extras in some scenes. In this regard, Paola Cuarón (who gives life to lorraine), explained that his preparation began long before filming.

“Three months before shooting we started with soccer workshops, every day from eight to 11 in the morning, we started from the basics to the strong. Because it wasn’t just making plays, there were also tricks to learn and those were the most difficult “, detailed the actresswho also debuts on television with this project.