Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy: Lis Vega affirmed that Raúl Magaña “does not have the bases”

Raúl Magaña and Lis Vega danced merengue

The dancer Lis Vega revealed that Raul Magana does not have enough bases for reality The Stars Dance Todayhowever, shared that he is looking for his partner to learn and have confidence in his movements:

“Certain steps that are more agile, he has his times and what I have to do is at this moment is to support him”shared in the video of Eden Dorantes on YouTube.

In the same meeting with the media, Lis Vega shared that she is trying to be patient and assured that she is not looking for a change of dance partner, the only way they would stop competing would be for he resigned or that they were eliminated and later, the public asked for his return with another person:

She considers that Raúl Magaña is learning Photos: Instagram/lisvegaoficial Instagram/@raulmaganamx
She considers that Raúl Magaña is learning Photos: Instagram/lisvegaoficial Instagram/@raulmaganamx

“Look, I am a respectful girl, I appreciate the perception of each one, both a positive and a negative comment, I cannot do more than what I am doing because Raúl definitely He does not have the bases to be able to take a partner and he is learning and I do not want him to be worried that he is carrying me and think that I am going to fall, “ mentioned.

However, she expressed solidarity with Magaña and said that she has no intention of demonstrating her skills, only of growing as a person and having fun:

“I do not judge the choreography of a choreographer, the same and I’m doing comedy, not dancing, but everything is fine, the truth is I don’t come here to show everyone that I’m an excellent dancerI come here to learn to be more tolerant, I am doing it with a lot of love to give my partner security”

The vedette was the first confirmed (Photo: Instagram/@programahoy)
The vedette was the first confirmed (Photo: Instagram/@programahoy)

Despite this, he admitted that would like to “let go” more and develop differently on stage during the third season of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy.

“God knows why he does things, the selection that I would make with Raúl is that we be a spectacular couple but sometimes it is not possible, I am working against my impotence, as a star I would like to be flying, I am a star of great risks”

Lisa Vega He has been surprising his admirers for years with various cosmetic surgeries and modificationsHowever, since 2019 he has received a lot of criticism both on social networks and in his close circles.

Lis Vega constantly talks about her body changes (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial)
Lis Vega constantly talks about her body changes (Photo: Instagram/@lisvegaoficial)

During a meeting with a group of reporters, the Cuban actress revealed that criticism already seems like a worn out issue to her and even was compared to artists like Michael Jackson or the Kardashian sistersLis maintains that if people admire her, it will be for her work no matter what she looks like.

“It is such a trite topic, that is, in the end it is my body, no one is affected by what I do to myself, what I do not do to myself (…) I think that in the end everyone, the people who admire you because you are an artist, will admire you for what you do”, he mentioned for Eden Dorantes on his YouTube channel.

When you look in the mirror, you have to be comfortable with who you are. If you’ve already made a mistake or already had the lesson of something you’ve done along the way, you take what works and throw the rest away and at the end of all freedom comes the mindof your way of thinking”, he began to say.

Likewise, Vega pointed out that she considers herself responsible for her actions and has self-knowledge about what things or procedures she feels comfortable doing.


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