Las Perdidas are named ‘Las Mireinas del Barrio’

CDMX.- Wendy, Paolita and Kimberly VThey traveled to Tepito in Mexico City to be recognized as the new ‘Mirreinas del Barrio’ in the Extremo program.

The Lost were in Tepito. Photo: Capture

The youtubers from Guanajuato, They shared with the driver Uriel Estrada their history on the internet, and how they have developed on television, since their fame transcended borders.

We went with some friends to the hill and they left us there for an hour, as they went to buy beers, we recorded a video and it went viral… then Kimberly came in with us,” Wendy said.

Los Perdidas went viral for a video. Photo: Capture

Among the plans they shared, Kimberly surprised, because she will make clothes, shoes and will also sing.

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In fact, they tell him that he looks a lot like ‘Choche’ from Bronco,” Wendy said, to which Kimberly replied: “No! They confuse me with Ariana Grande.”

They celebrate Paolita’s birthday

taking advantage of the trip through Mexico City, The friends enjoyed a pre-birthday afternoon, as Paolita celebrated her birthday on March 21.

All three enjoyed the movie. Batman at Cinepolis, between congratulations on his birthday.

Thanks to all the people who are congratulating her, we brought her to the cinema because it is the only detail we can give her”

On the way, Wendy forgot her cell phone in the Uber, but luckily the taxi driver returned it to her.

Las Perdidas enjoyed an afternoon at the movies. Photo: Capture

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