“Last drink lasted four days”

He spent most of his life intoxicated: pop star Nino de Angelo was an alcoholic for a long time. Now he has declared war on the addiction and never wants to drink a sip again. But his last binge was extreme.

On the one hand, the “Jenseits von Eden” singer was a heartthrob who lived in the perfect pop world. On the other hand, Nino de Angelo indulged in alcohol and addiction. Unforgotten was his complete collapse on “Celebrity Big Brother” when he spoke to the paper bag Rudi, which he had made a face for. Even after that, the musician could never completely give up the drinks. But now he explains that he hasn’t had a sip for quite some time.

After 40 years of drinking it’s over now. The singer has been dry for five months, he tells the “Bild” newspaper. “I did it all by myself and it wasn’t difficult for me,” said the 58-year-old happily. “It’s purely a matter of will. I don’t want to screw up the success I’m allowed to have again and keep a clear head.”

“I just want to get out of this carousel”

The reason for turning away from alcohol and other substances – he also took cocaine at times – is his lifestyle. The musician now lives with his girlfriend Simone in the Allgäu. The career went uphill again. His last record “Blessed and Cursed” even got a gold record for 100,000 copies sold. But his last intoxication was all the more extreme, as he remembers.

Nino de Angelo says: “That was on my birthday on December 18, 2021. My last drink lasted four days. A long drink, so to speak. I was so wide. But that’s about it. I just want to get out of this carousel .” In the restaurant, he still likes to look at the wine list, but then a non-alcoholic beer is ordered. “It doesn’t taste that bad either,” he says with satisfaction.