Last mask accidentally fell too early

in the "The Masked Singer"-Finale had to be panned hastily towards the guessing team towards the end.

In the “The Masked Singer” finale, the guessing team had to be hastily turned towards the end.Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

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The sixth season of “The Masked Singer” ended on Saturday. After a total of six weeks of guessing, the finalists were actually as good as exposed: There were also the disco ball, the thorny devil, the orc and the zebra. However, the last mask in particular raised questions. Anke Engelke was very popular, as was Ella Endlich.

However, the tips from the guessing team, this time consisting of Rea Garvey, Ruth Moschner and guest Riccardo Simonetti, once again caused a lot of excitement. So Rea suspected the singer Ilse DeLange under the striped animal – but it can’t be her for a reason that has been clear for weeks. The fans repeatedly pointed this out with nasty swipes against an RTL show.

The absolute show super-GAU should come at the end when a celebrity on stage before the official unveiling the mask fell off his head.

Viewers wonder about “The Masked Singer” guest

At first, however, the guessing team itself caused confusion among the audience: Alexander Klaws, who won the last season of “The Masked Singer”, did not sit behind the desk as a guest this timebut danced on the show stage at the beginning and then crept around the guessing team and in the studio, still disguised.

Alexander Klaws won "The Masked Singer" as garbage, but was not allowed to appear as a guessing guest.

Alexander Klaws won “The Masked Singer” as Mülli, but was not allowed to appear as a guest guest.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

The viewers didn’t really understand why Simonetti was chosen instead of Klaws in the finale. Among other things, it was quickly suspected that the former “DSDS” winner still had to recover from his embarrassing appearance as Jesus in the RTL music spectacle “The Passion”:

But the comments towards RTL should not be over yet. Even after the first performance of “The Masked Singer” evening, it continued diligently.

Rea Garvey with obvious nonsense tip

First it was the zebra’s turn and Rea suspected not only Anke but also Ilse DeLange under the costume. However, the tip is unnecessary because Ilse was on another live show at the same time on the same evening: on “DSDS”. A number of viewers also pointed this out and teased the casting show:

It’s not the first time that celebrities have given quite nonsensical tips, so Rea suspected, among other things, Annalena Baerbock under the disco ball. But Riccardo Simonetti didn’t exactly cover himself with fame either: He tapped the Dornteufel on singer Sasha – who, disguised as a dinosaur, won the fourth season a year ago. So far, no one has been invited twice as a candidate, even if the celebrity field for “The Masked Singer” is slowly but surely getting smaller.

The orc was fooling Ruth Moschner

The orc was the first mask to be hit in the finale: the figure was voted out by the audience after the first round of singing. The costume confused both viewers and the guessing team week after week because the singer underneath sang in a different language each time: Italian, Turkish and even Icelandic in the final.

Presenter and actress Nora Tschirner finally emerged and explained the cleverly devised plan behind the multilingual performance. Under no circumstances did she want to be exposed by rate expert Ruth Moschner, which in the end succeeded. Even in rehearsals she only spoke Spanish or English. Nora thought:

“If I’m the old woman [Ruth Moschner] If I want to crack it, I have to plot for a long time!”

Nora Tschirner was not recognized as an orc.

Nora Tschirner was not recognized as an orc.Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

Riccardo Simonetti cracks the best joke of the evening

However, the question remained whether there would actually be a “The Passion” reunion in the “The Masked Singer” finale: In addition to Alexander Klaws, Ella Endlich was still under discussion as a zebra, while Mark Keller was the top tip for the thorn devil. All of them played roles in the moderately received religious history, to say the least.

If the thorn devil wins in the end and Mark Keller is actually among them, it would result in a funny picture, because the participants can’t quite put their “The Passion” roles in the eyes of the viewers. Mark played Judas of all people on the RTL show, Klaws, who was allowed to present the trophy, embodied Jesus:

The excitement surrounding this funny image with a lot of meme potential continued, because next the disco ball had to go. Unsurprisingly, Jeanette Biedermann was actually under the mask. The former “GZSZ” actress also willingly showed the inside of her costume, which was comparatively spacious. Riccardo Simonetti then began what was probably the most amusing line of the finale:

“In Berlin-Mitte you would pay 1,500 euros cold for it.”

Jeanette Biedermann showed the inside of her "The Masked Singer"-costume.

Jeanette Biedermann showed the inside of her “The Masked Singer” costume.Image: ProSieben / Willi Weber

Unfortunately, no one could or wanted to disagree.

Surprise in the final backfired: the winner loses her mask

The grandiose “The Passion” picture didn’t quite emerge in the end. “Jesus” alias Alexander Klaws was not allowed to present the trophy to “Judas” alias Mark Keller, who in fact climbed out of the Thorn Devil, but to “Maria” alias Ella Endlich. Shortly after the announcement of the winner, however, there was a mishap premiere: The zebra (still masked at the time) was so happy about the victory that its head fell off its shoulders – much too soon. Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel tried to save the situation:

“Somebody was very happy. Did you see anything?”

Moment of shock: The zebra loses its mask on stage.

Moment of shock: The zebra loses its mask on stage.Image: Getty Images Europe / Andreas Rentz

But the last surprise was already a thing of the past, despite a quick camera pan: The brown hair, which was briefly visible, finally betrayed Ella. The fact that advertising had to come after the faux pas and before the revelation only enraged the viewers even more.

The “The Passion” reunion was still perfect thanks to the singer. The fact that three protagonists of the RTL show appeared on “The Masked Singer” hardly made the sixth edition any better. The ratings, which for the first time in the history of the seasons never broke the three million mark, clearly show that the concept is slowly becoming obsolete.