Latest news from Exatlón México All Star

Great emotion was experienced in “Exatlón México All Star”, due to the elimination of Zudikey and the good moment of the blue team facing the final part of the reality show.

The Mexican was defeated by Heliud Pulido and Javi Márquez in a complicated duel and that is why she was left out of this competition in which, until yesterday, she shared the stage with her partner.

Zudikey’s colleagues cried with her and assured her that she will be greatly missed.

Thanks to his constant dedication, the young man is providing excellent results for his team. Proof of this is the recent 4-0 that he scored on the board, which confirms the good streak that the Blues are going through.

The talented participant spoke with her classmates and told them: “I’m tired of hearing comments that don’t tell me to my face” and also stated: “I’m tired of people thinking that I let myself get lost with Evelyn”referring to his opponent, with whom he maintains a friendship.

Aristeo Cázares responded to Mati and confirmed that he was the one who made those comments, although he revealed that he did not intend to create controversy.

The young woman surprised everyone when she called “hypocrite” to Zudikey Rodríguez and this confirms that the red group is going through a moment of weakness. Considering that the final is near, they will have to turn their game around quickly.