Latest news from The House of Famous 2

A few days have passed since La Casa de los Famosos premiered its second season on Telemundo’s screen and its participants have already shown that they will be even more controversial than those of the first broadcast.

In this context, everyone knows that they will give anything to win the final prize, even if that means generating great controversy.

The Peruvian generated great tension when she told her teammates: “Pray with all your soul. I hope that Niurka asks all her saints for me to leave” because according to what he said, Cuban style “It won’t suit you if I stay.”

On the other hand, the cheerleader asserted: “The hypocritical and double-faced people will know me”, while the other participants looked at her in amazement.

The actor was saved from going to the elimination duel, as his teammates saved him and thus gave him the opportunity to continue in the game. After this decision, Toni Costa, Mayeli Alonso, Laura Bozzo and Osvaldo Ríos are the ones in danger of leaving the reality show.

The Cuban and the ex-wife of Lupillo Rivera were captured by the images of Telemundo maintaining an exacerbated discussion. However, what causes the most intrigue is that it is not understood exactly what they say to each other, although it seems that a new confrontation could arise in the game.

The mansion lit up with the images broadcast in which it is clearly seen that Julia Gama and Rafael Nieves had a tender kiss while they were in bed. Given this, many believe that they will star in the first love story of reality.