Laura Acuña acknowledged fear that she had on film with John Alex Toro; here, video

From this December 22, in the main movie theaters in the country, you can already find the film that marked the first appearance of the 40-year-old presenter in a film production.

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As happens every year-end, Dago García Producciones surprised Colombians with a film related to the Christmas season and the end of the year. For this 2022, the producer and writer wanted to cheer up his followers with the release of ‘The Last Man on Earth’.

In this feature film, the presenter of the most recent edition of ‘La voz senior’ appears, who jumped into the ring playing the role of Liliana, who is a beautiful and successful executive of a company.

What was Laura Acuña’s fear of appearing in a movie

As she herself indicated on her Instagram account a few days ago, dabbling in acting was not one of her close plans. However, her challenge came and she did not think twice to try her luck in that job.

But once the filming began, the communicator encountered challenges that apparently did not give her complete security. According to her, she told in an interview that she will premiere this Sunday with the renowned actor John Alex Toro —also the protagonist of the film—, the scenes in which he had to show a little more caused him some fear.

“I didn’t want my parents to see that and say: ‘Oh, what a shame with the neighbor, with the uncle…'”, he indicated in the presenter on his program ‘La sala de Laura Acuña’.

Toro, surprised by this statement, intervened and disagreed with what the communicator was saying.

“But the parents were the first to see her when she was little. The mother changed her diaper, the father cleaned her tail… ”, she mentioned, but Acuña interrupted him saying that it was not because of her parents themselves, but because of the people who knew her.

“Don’t you think it’s a lack of generosity, with the general public, to show all those attributes?” asked the actor.

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At that moment, the presenter laughed and explained that they could have found another woman who resembled her to replace her at certain times.

“There really isn’t much to show there either. One won’t look bad either. If you have the possibility of having a double that has a spectacular buttock, why am I going to show mine?” Said the now actress between laughs.

Toro mentioned that once Acuña accepted the role, the film’s director, Juan Camilo Pinzón, also acknowledged that the presenter was “perfect” to star in it.