Laura Acuña broke the silence and revealed why she distanced herself from Carolina Cruz and Carolina Soto

Laura Acuna, Carolina Cruz and Carolina Soto They are three well-known television presenters who have each distinguished themselves for their style, beauty and charisma. they have in front of the cameras, they have also shared many moments in their private lives.

Lately, Laura Acuña has been distanced from the other two presenters, since Carolina Cruz and Carolina Soto share a set in the morning program of Caracol, Day to day.

On this subject, Acuña’s followers consulted him in the popular dynamic of questions and answers that celebrities do on their Instagram accounts, about the reason for being separated from her two colleagues.

“When will you go to Carolina Soto’s fine?” Was the netizen’s question, to which Laura Acuña replied: “You may believe that we have never been able to balance, that is, times do not work. But I really want to go because they have told me that they have a great time there. Especially for those spectacular breakfasts that she makes”.

On the relationship of the three presenters, rumors of alleged differences between them have come out, on this subject, Laura Acuña also gave her version. “What happens is that they share more, because they are together all the time and work in the same place. But we are friends.”

Laura Acuña also told her followers that she was very sick and that the virus attacked her children very hard, so much so that she dared to affirm that this disease was worse than when they were infected with the new coronavirus.

In several Instagram stories, Acuña answered the questions that were asked about this topic. “We did not have covid, but it has been a virus that you have no idea about. I mean, I think that the covid did not hit us as hard as this and, above all, Helena, super badass, ”said the presenter.

Referring to his daughter again, he assured that she was the one who suffered the most of the three, while they were infected. “We had a lot of cough, she more than us, she has had a fever for more days, she has woken up with conjunctivitis in her eyes, her throat hurts, her chest hurts […] and with Helenita I had to start an antibiotic, ”said the Colombian in her stories. Apparently everyone is in very good health, after being “thrown in bed” as Acuña assured.

Carolina Cruz and Lincoln Palomoque are back together; shared family plan

The Valle del Cauca businesswoman Carolina Cruz and the renowned actor Lincoln Palomoque were seen together again this weekend during the closing of the garden where her son Matías studied, who made a tender presentation before all the parents.

The event, which had different themes, was recorded by the model in Instagram stories. In addition, she shared with her followers how proud she was of the minor.

“Sorry for the intensity, but yesterday this doll shone at its closing. He left my body full of pride and love. She rehearsed daily and also hummed her songs while playing games, eating lunch and bathing. I love you, cute son! Thank you for being so intensely wonderful and unique.” Cruz said.

The cucuteño, for his part, did not want to be left behind and published another video of the little boy singing on stage, where it can be seen that he performed a cappella a typical Colombian song with his classmates.

“Today you close a wonderful cycle, What a pride to see how you are forming, to see you shine, to see how beautiful, gentleman and judicious you are. Your little brother is already your fan! You have talent cute little gentleman”emphasized the artist.

It should be remembered that the couple’s eldest son finished his stage in the garden a few days ago. Even the presenter of Caracol Television assured that she was quite nostalgic because the little one will enter school soon.