Laura Bozzo breaks the silence and reveals where she hid while she resolved her tax problems with the Mexican authorities

The 69-year-old Peruvian also said who helped her hide, and denied rumors that she was wanted by Interpol.

It was an ordeal. This is how Laura Bozzo described the moments of anguish she experienced after being involved in legal problems with the Mexican authorities last year. A situation that forced her to protect herself from her while she proved her innocence.

Three months were the ones that the Peruvian had to remain anonymous. And now that she has finally been able to resolve the situation satisfactorily, she decided to break the silence and talk about her not only about the place where she was hiding but also about who helped her.

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The 69-year-old presenter was kind enough to clarify that she was never wanted by Interpol, as published in international media. She alleges that having kept a low profile was on the recommendation of her lawyers who believed that it was all a media scandal.

She also put an end to speculation that the entire time she faced legal problems with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) she was in her luxurious apartment in Acapulco.

“I can swear to you on my daughters that I was never in Acapulco, I was in a very poor place, very humble, in very popular areas of the State of Mexico… I am not going to tell you the place or anything, but it was a very poor place, no you can imagine, but those are the people who protected me, “revealed Bozzo.

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“The chasing”

In November 2021, Interpol issued the file against the driver to be wanted in 195 countries. In that same month, a federal judge ordered Bozzo’s arrest after being linked to a process for the sale of a property that was seized by the Mexican tax authorities, according to the Mexican press.

The property guaranteed the payment of a fiscal debt for 12.7 million pesos (about 627.00 dollars).

Bozzo, 69, gained fame at the end of the 1990s for hosting controversial talk show programs that were broadcast in several Latin American countries and where he touched on various social problems.

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Later, the host arrived in Mexico where she broadcast similar programs on the country’s two main networks, TV Azteca and Televisa.

However, his stay in the country was controversial. In 2013, she was harshly criticized for using an official helicopter to carry out a program in the southern state of Guerrero after a hurricane.