Laura Bozzo confirms her rivalry with Pati Chapoy: “I hate her”

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- The controversial Peruvian presenter, Laura Bozzo has made shocking revelations during what has been his stay in The House of Celebrities 2a reality show that he joined along with other Latin American stars.

Since her arrival at the residence, the host has become “the revelation star” of the program, leaving her partner totally displaced Niurka Marcos.

And after several very controversial comments, “Miss Laura” assured that she does not get along with Pati Chapoyclarifying what were the reasons that unleashed their strong rivalry.

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The Peruvian mentioned that the journalist from windowing He tried to make her life impossible while they both worked for TV Azteca.

In a round of confessions between the presenter, Luis Caballero Potro and Brenda Zambrano, the subject of the entertainment journalist came up and Bozzo immediately attacked her and stated that “I hate her”.

However, very quickly he changed the way he had expressed himself about Chapoy. But, he indicated that their relationship was not one of the best because of what he experienced during his work on the television station.

“Well, I don’t really hate her, but when I was in Azteca she made my life impossible,” he commented.

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the driver of Laura in Americareported -in addition- that on one occasion his colleague sent someone from the production and beauty team to do a hair treatment, but with the chemicals he destroyed it from the root and “on purpose”.

“She sent the people who dyed her to dye me and they burned the whole part of my hair here (points to the root) and it was on purpose,” Laura stressed.

For their part, Brenda and Potro did not hesitate to ask her the reasons for their disastrous relationship, to which she replied: “I came and swept it away, we swept it away, the rating was amazing, she scored 3 points and I 17, that is, imagine , then a mess was created, ”said the Peruvian as the first reason.

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The second, according to Laura, was due to an interview that she herself did with Celia Lora, a very good friend of hers, but who had initially been engaged to Chapoy.

“Besides, because Celia Lora, she (Pati) was supposed to interview her, and she told her parents ‘no’, my aunt Laura interviews me, that was when her accident happened, from the crash, well I I was her lawyer, I removed her, well I supported her removal. I supported fixing that problem and Chapoy was furious, “she concluded.

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